Other Ceremonies

Other life celebration ceremonies I would feel honored to be a part of with you include but are not limited to the following:

Renewal of Vows: 
As a couple you have weathered the storms and rainbows of life together so that your love for each other has deepened. By choosing to allow me to help you script an uplifting ceremony around the renewing of your marriage vows, your special life-bond will be happily re-affirmed.

Commitment Ceremonies: 
Real love is non-harming and comes from deep within the heart. I am happy to help committed couples formally declare their support and love for each other in a ceremony which has no legal requirements and therefore can be designed in any form you wish.

Croning & Saging Ceremonies: 
In days gone by, community elders were known as crones (wise women) and sages (wise men) and were revered for their knowledge gained through a long life of experiences. Often celebrated on or after a 50th birthday with close friends, this empowering ceremony is a joyful way to honour your inner crone or sage.

Baby/Child Namings: 
As an alternative to the religious traditions of christening ceremonies, a baby or child naming can be part of a gorgeous ceremony which formally introduces and welcomes your special little ones to family and friends and into the circle of life.

Rites of Passage: 
Any special point of achievement in your life can be recognised with a ceremony – such as a milestone birthday, a retirement, a divorce, a graduation, a promotion, finishing a study, or even surviving a difficult passage in your journey through life. I look forward to helping you realise your celebration in a way which creates lasting memories that in the future, bring a smile to your face.